Family, food and playing around with my camera.

Going remote

Taking my life on the road, and seeing where I end up.

Reversing the YNAB file format - Part 1: JSON Structure

Part one of a series on creating an app to integrate with the soon-to-be-deprecated, yet well loved YNAB 4 budgeting software. Here we look at the budget JSON file structure.

You can be clever with your validations

Don't be afraid to implement clever solutions on the back-end for a better user experience on the front.

Styling the LocomotiveCMS Admin Area

Implementing custom CSS in the LocomotiveCMS backoffice.

The Best Free Hosting that Money can Buy

Managed infrastructure, SSL certificates, DNS, and email on a shoestring.

Rails 4.1 Default CRUD Actions

Default controller scaffolding for those who don't want to run the generator.